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May 23 2018

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When you ask your MEP where he/she got the example that convinced all the other shadows.

May 22 2018

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When your boss asks you who Martin Selmayr is.

May 18 2018

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When the intern of another office tries to take you on.

May 17 2018

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When you’re trying to impress someone at Plux with your achievements.

May 16 2018

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When the UK tries to explain Brexit.

May 15 2018

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When you thank the shadows’ assistants for their cooperation after the vote of your MEP’s report.

May 14 2018

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When you look at your deadline schedule.

May 08 2018

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When Verhofstadt is looking at Macron making new friends all over Europe.

May 07 2018

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When you tell your MEP that he/she has to take a decision on something.

May 04 2018

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Friday evening before a long weekend.

May 03 2018

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When the Parliament and the Council fight over where the power lies in Brussels.

May 02 2018

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Typical functional relationship between a MEP and his/her assistant.

April 30 2018

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This would explain the habit of MEPs to cancel everything at the last minute.

April 27 2018

Live AMA on reddit right now !

I’m doing a AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on reddit right now. Come check it out and ask me questions about anything, from my job as a parliamentary assistant to Europe !

I’ll try to keep up the AMA as long as possible, so don’t hesitate :)

Here the link to the AMA : https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/8fascn/im_a_parliamentary_assistant_in_the_european/

See you soon on reddit !

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When your intern tells you about his/her latest crush on another intern.

April 26 2018

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When your over optimistic MEP comments on the terrible shadow meeting you just got out of.

April 25 2018

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When your boss is too nice, even when it comes to his/her opponents.

April 24 2018

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When the rapporteur sends you compromises that look acceptable.

April 23 2018

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When after months of absence, the sun appears in Brussels.

April 20 2018

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When a group of visitors asks you what’s your favorite part of the job.

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