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February 08 2018

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When even after months of work, your MEP still doesn’t understand a concept related to his/her own rapport.

February 07 2018

4143 5994

When even after an exhausting day with your MEP and a late trilogue, your mind keeps yelling “screw you sleep”.

February 06 2018

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When your MEP learns from someone else that you commited him/her into something.

February 05 2018

4146 f9f1

When Klaus Welle pitches his latest idea for a new Parliament building. 

February 02 2018

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When you get reprimanded for pulling off a dirty move.

February 01 2018

4149 f6fb

When an MEP is less skilled than what he/she would like to think.

January 31 2018

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When you know that your meeting with a lobbyist is going to be a pain.

January 30 2018

4152 1935

When the EU wants to take away all sovereignty from the UK as part of its Brexit transition deal.

January 29 2018

4153 4f42

When sometime, all you need to get a MEP where you want is the right key words.

January 26 2018

4154 6899

When anyone in the Eurobubble attempts a “subtle move”.

January 25 2018

4156 6870 500

When an intern tell the other that he/she got hired as an assistant.

January 24 2018

4160 8847

When your boss starts telling you a story while you’re negotiating a compromise on the phone.

January 23 2018

4162 28f2

When your boss finally answer his/her phone after being missing for several hours.

January 22 2018

4164 4c02

When you go the Parliament’s administration to get that extra piece of furniture you’ve been asking for ages.

January 19 2018

4166 ab1c

When you tell the story of how you became a parliamentary assistant.

January 18 2018

4167 d5c8

When a colleague calls, asking if he/she can bother you for a second.

January 17 2018

4169 13d5

When the Bulgarian presidency make its whole promotion on the fact that “No” sometimes means “Yes”. Some juicy negotiations to be expected this semester.

January 16 2018

4170 e0cf

When you’re back in Strasbourg for the first plenary of the year.

January 15 2018

4171 4dec

When assistants are a bit over the top when defending their MEP.

January 12 2018

4173 860b 500

When you look at the intern’s draft amendments.

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