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October 23 2017

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When a colleague asks you how you usually handle groups of visitors.

October 20 2017

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When you try to do evidence-based lawmaking and bad ideas keep creeping up (yes I’m looking at you, copyright files).

submitted by Gilles

October 19 2017

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Meanwhile, at the European summit.

October 18 2017

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When you betray another shadow rapporteur.

October 17 2017

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When you ask a lobbyist where he/she got your brand new compromises.

October 16 2017

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When Juncker and Barnier will explain Theresa May how flexible the EU is willing to be.

October 13 2017

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When I know that I have the perfect gif for a situation but I can’t find it.

October 12 2017

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When the Commission is asked to give its impression after a vote in committee.

October 11 2017

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When you ask your new intern to get your MEP to his/her next meeting.

October 10 2017

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When a big political group threatens to put key votes on a file.

October 09 2017

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The amendment drafting process in a nutshell.

October 06 2017

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When the intern comes to ask you something while you’re pissed.

October 05 2017

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When Vestager justifies her tough approach on antitrust.

Reposted byzajebelalittleburn

October 04 2017

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When you’re listening to a visitor’s educated opinion on how to fix Europe.

October 03 2017

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Finding a room in Strasbourg 101.

October 02 2017

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Meanwhile in Spain.

September 29 2017

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When your colleague supports you in your way of doing things.

September 28 2017

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When the Commission gives an A to your pilot project.

September 27 2017

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When the Eurobubble reacts to Macron’s speech on the future of Europe.

September 26 2017

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When Barnier is having a joint press conference with Davis.

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