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September 22 2017

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When your MEP goes to a school to present his/her work.

September 21 2017

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Welcome to the post CETA European wasteland.

September 20 2017

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When the anti-CETA people are preparing their plans for the provisional application of the agreement.

September 19 2017

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Meanwhile, in UK Brexit politics.

September 18 2017

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When it’s payday.

September 15 2017

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n°1 reason of why one can’t work at home (also applies to children).

September 14 2017

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When Juncker gets his swag on before a speech.

September 12 2017

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Usual Tuesday-mood during the Strasbourg Session.

submitted by Gab

September 11 2017

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When it’s the first plenary since the summer break.

September 08 2017

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When Juncker and Orban are drafting letters to each other.

September 07 2017

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When the DG ITEC upgrades the EP computers.

September 06 2017

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When your MEP is complaining about private stuff.

submitted by Green badge

September 05 2017

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When some newbie lobbyist tries to convince you to support an amendment because “it’s the right thing to do”.

September 04 2017

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When you are recruiting a new intern.

September 01 2017

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When people ask why you stick to your job despite your non-stop complaining about it.

August 31 2017

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Happy hour at Plux.

August 30 2017

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When you go home after seeing your boss for the first time since the summer break.

August 29 2017

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When Barnier is looking for clarity in UK’s Brexit position papers.

August 28 2017

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When the Brexit negotiations are restarting today.

August 25 2017

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When this first week back to work went smoother than expected.

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