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July 06 2017

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When you’re in the train after the last plenary session before the summer break.

July 05 2017

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When the Parliament debates the relevance of Strasbourg’s seat.

July 04 2017

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When a lobbyist tries flattery to get information from you.

July 03 2017

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When you know it’s the last plenary session before summer.

June 22 2017

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When the Eurobubble learned that Marine Le Pen was leaving the European Parliament.

June 21 2017

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When AT4AM is crashing 5 minutes before the deadline to table the amendments on a report.

June 20 2017

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When you have to assess amendments in simple terms for your MEP.

June 19 2017

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When Barnier welcomes the UK negotiation team for Brexit.

June 16 2017

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When an intern who just got his/her degree in European policy tries to impress you.

June 15 2017

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When your MEP has some anger issues.

June 14 2017

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When you arrive in a room full of people who never worked with you.

June 13 2017

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When a MEP states the obvious in his/her amendments.

June 12 2017

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When Brexiters meet reality.

June 01 2017

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When your MEP denies your excuse for not being able to give him/her the requested information.

May 31 2017

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When in a shadow meeting the rapporteur is keeping the europhobic shadows in check.

May 30 2017

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When you introduce your MEP to a new technology.

May 29 2017

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When your MEP arrives in the office without a warning.

May 24 2017

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Whenever the Parliament tries to find ways to expand the European budget.

May 23 2017

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When the Parliament has a limited trust in the Council’s promises.

May 22 2017

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When your MEP assures you that he/she has your back.

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